प्रताप गौरव केन्द्र राष्ट्रीय तीर्थ, मनोहरपुरा-बड़गांव, उदयपुर 313001 (राज.)

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Adults (Age 12+): ₹ 150

Children (Age 5 – 12): ₹ 75

Children (Below Age 0 to 4): Free

Headphone Charges : ₹ 100

Rules and regulation

  1. Pratap gaurav Kendra rashtriya tirtha will open everyday for Audience.
  2. Duration of all exhibition and Live Mechanical Dirgha visit in Pratap Gaurav Kendra apporax Two hours.
  3. To maintain Pratap Gaurav Kendra Ticket is Per Person above 12 years is 150/- only and with family 0-4 year child is Free and 75/- Ticket for 5-12 year child.
  4. For School visit Per Person Ticket is 50/- only including staff. For College visit Per Person Ticket is 75/- including staff. Advance booking is must for School and College.
  5. Former solider visit to Pratap Gaurav Kendra with ID card.They will get a concession in the Ticket.
  6. All exhibition and live mechanical dirgha are available in English language also with headphone. Per Person headphone charge is 100/- extra.
  7. Per person Ticket for Foreigner above 12 years is 500/- only with family 0-4 year child is free and 250/- Ticket for 5-12 year child. All Exhibiton, Live Mechanical Dirgha and Headphone are included in this amount.
  8. For Tecniqual issues in Exhibiton and Live Mechanical Dirgha the show will be CANCELLED and the Management will not be responsible for this. Ticket will Non Refundable. The Management reserves all rights to Entry.
  9. The Ticket will be valid for same day at 9.30am to 6.00pm. Ticket will not be refundable on Ticket window.
  10. Your visit to Pratap Gaurav Kendra is a pilgrimage to a sacred centre of Bharat’s cultural traditions and values. We request your support to maintain the peace, dignity and divinity of the complex. For cleaning please use the dust bins and not to touch flowers and pot. please cooperate to maintain Pratap Gaurav Kendra.
  11. Udaipur will centre for disput of all type of Judgement.

Pratap Gaurav Kendra Rashtriya Tirtha