प्रताप गौरव केन्द्र राष्ट्रीय तीर्थ, मनोहरपुरा-बड़गांव, उदयपुर 313001 (राज.)

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Haldighati Yudh Vijay Dirgha

This dirgha showcase the truth facts of haldighati war with live 3d scenes as like In 18 june 1576A.D. Pratap divided his his army in two segments and advanced towards Haldighati. The Mughal army headed upto the Badshah bagh. Army of Patap launched a fierc attack on the Mughal army. There was panic in the Mughal army and it became disorganized. Asaf Khan, and Shahjadas of Sikri ran away. When the opposing forces were locked in battle and Rajput of Mughal army could not be distinguished from the Rajput of Pratap’s army. Perplexed Badayuni asked Asaf Khan “where to shoot their arrows”. The Moghul commander replied that they could nonchalantly shoot at any Rajput for after all any “Kafir” killed was a gain to Islam. The Mughals could not sustain the chage made by Prtap’s army and they were made to flee.

Pratap Gaurav Kendra Rashtriya Tirtha