प्रताप गौरव केन्द्र राष्ट्रीय तीर्थ, मनोहरपुरा-बड़गांव, उदयपुर 313001 (राज.)

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Documentry Film On Mewad History

Bharat’s glourious history is incomplete without the mention of valour of mewar. It is this region which contiused to inspire the freedom fighters for centuries.

Ye Gatha he Mewad ki successfully depicts the struggle of mewar for the preservation of freedom and the culture spanning several centuries the films also depicts how mewar rulers played a significant role in protecting the country and its culture from arab and mughal invasion. Bappa rawal the founder of mewar dynasty, then went up to iran and Afghanistan to defeat the arab invaders.

The documentary perfectly the acauquaints the audience with glorious history of mewar, how every particals of the land tells the story of bravery, valour and how is has been a piligrimage center for the freedom fighters during the freedom movemet.

Pratap Gaurav Kendra Rashtriya Tirtha